About the Dam

Very good fishing conditions.

The „Bozveliisko" Dam offers
It is located
in the land of the village of Bozveliisko, Municipality Provadiya and has access to an asphalt roadway. It has a 221 acres of watercourses and average depth of 2 – 2, 50 m. It is water-powered by the Anadere River.
The dam is
operated under concession by the company PROMED BG OOD until the year of 2020.
The site
has issued by EAFA permits for sport fishing and aquaculture breeding, a water body permit, issued by the Municipality of Provadiya, a registration in the Bulgarian Food Agency.
An examination
вof the dam water composition is made once a year, every year and the fish is examined twice a year in a specialized laboratory in the Bulgarian Food Agency.
Repopulations in the year of 2017:
  • 1 tone of silver carp with average weight of 0.3 kg.
  • Over 50 carps with weight of 10-16 kg.
  • 4 carps with weight of above 20 kg
Fish available in the dam
  • Silver carp at the size of 0.5-12 kg.
  • Carp at the size of 0.4-27 kg.
  • Grass carp at the size of 5-25 kg.
  • White fish at the size of 3-5 kg.
  • Crucian, catfish, Rudd and perch.